Hi! I'm Nextwebb

I'm a full stack, Dynamic and detail-oriented Software Engineer with 3+ years of experience. I have a knack for conceptualizing and delivering elegant, user-friendly solutions effectively and efficiently.I've Worked on various projects to decrease costs and achieve client satisfaction.
I leverage mobile web applications with modern, thoughtful design and serious engineering to build tailored solutions for any industry.

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I'm a Full-Stack developer & Software Engineer from Lagos, Nigeria. I aim to Build Web services and applications that work!

Name: Peterson Oaikhenah(Nextwebb)

Address: Lagos, Nigeria

Phone: +2349067026252


Fullstack developer - PrimeRoyal Hospitality LTD

Nigeria - Lagos

2019 - Present

Freelance Developer - Nextwebb devs

Nigeria - Lagos

2016 - Present


Bachelors Degree in Computer Engineering - Oduduwa University

Nigeria - Osun/ile ife

2016 - 2021

Software Development Peterson Oaikhenah

Nigeria - Lagos

2016 - Present

Object Oriented Programming - CompuTech

Nigeria - Osun/ile ife


Self Taught Programmer

Presently learning Javascript Technologies

2016 - Present

My Skills





Vanilla Javascript








AMP(Accelerated Mobile Pages)



What i do

My services

UI/UX Design

Mobile Web App Design

Responsive Design

Product Strategy

Mockups and Design

UX Strategy



User Testing

ChatBot Development

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

Accelerated Mobile Pages(AMP)


Checkout a few of my works

Mobile Web Application

Hotel website

When we build independent hotel or resort websites, we sell an unforgettable experience and not just the Hotel services. And whether your guests are traveling for business or pleasure, they’ll want to know what the room will look and feel like before they book.

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Mobile Website

Fantastic Portfolio Website Design

A competitive and responsive online portfolio website can be particularly important for you to fully show off your Brand and grow your online personality. we can deliver tailored-solutions just for you.

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Web App Development

Custom Built, Streaming web service

Web Applications have become a mainstay in the industry today. we build web Apps based on your specifications using modern technologies; such as this music streaming Service and other SAAS Apps.

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Web Application

Flight management System with full integration with flight data API's

Web Applications have become a mainstay in the industry today. we build web Apps based on your specifications using modern technologies; such as this Flight Management System and other SAAS Apps.

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Web Services

Ecommerce websites

We Create beautiful, fully-featured Web stores with a customer focused design using modern tools and techniques.

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Web Application

We can build you, your next SAAS application

Here's a minimalistic web chat App. it runs cross platform and uses modern development techniques and tools.

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